List of 41 Beautiful & Free Icon Fonts

You have probably already used some icon fonts on one of your websites.

But did you know there are so many beautiful free icon fonts that you could use?

This is probably the most comprehensive list of icon fonts on the planet. 

And whether you are a developer, designer or web enthusiast, you’ll surely love it.

Why icon fonts?

Icons are pictograms that help our websites' readers easily navigate through the blocks of the text and different elements on the web page.

Back in the days, there were no other options, than to use pictures for our icons, which made all the work with the icons too complicated.

But you know what?

Not anymore.

Since we can nowadays easily embed our fonts in the web page, the work with the icons while developing or designing has become much more fun.

(See cross-browser compatibility of embedding icon fonts.)

Curated 41 free icon fonts

I suppose that you already know something about icon fonts, so enough of theory

As there are not many resources on icon fonts as a whole, I tried last week to put together my selection of the best, most useful and free icon fonts in 2016.

And today I would like to present you the list of 41 great and FREE icon fonts, the best I could find.

As the choice of the icons is often just a matter of your personal preference, I have divided them into Multi-purpose icon fonts and Special icon fonts only. In the latter you will find icon fonts designed specifically for map purposes, weather icons and pictograms, or social networks' icons only.


Multi-purpose icon fonts


Linea is beautiful free outline icon set featuring 730+ icons. Created by Dario Ferrando.

Apart from the icon font, there are also SVGs and PNGs included. Linea is released under CCBY.

Download Icon font

Outlined icons

Another great icon set by Dario Ferrando.

Contains 150 elegant, simple and classy icons.

Download Icon font

Themify Icons

Themify Icons is a complete set of icons for use in web design and apps, consisting of 320+ pixel-perfect, hand-crafted icons that draw inspiration from Apple iOS 7

You may use or distribute it for any purpose, whether personal or commercial. 

Download Icon font

Streamline iOS Icons

Free sample of 100 icons of Streamline icons.

Provided with the same file variations that you would get with the Streamline icons Full Pack: .AI, .SKETCH, .EPS, .PDF, .PNG, .SVG, Iconjar archive.

Download Icon font

Nova - Material Design Icons

Free set of 350 icons designed in Material Design. Nova icons follow the Google Material Design Guidelines, to ensure consistency, readability and clarity even at small sizes.

Come as .AI, .SKETCH, .PDF, and .SVG.

Download Icon font

Stroke 7 Icon font

Stroke 7 Icons is a free icon set of 202 icons designed in a very modern style that will beautifully complement any project.

Come as SVGs too. Made by Pixeden.

Download Icon font

Filled 7 Icon font

Another great resource from Pixeden is a beatiful set of 197 filled icons.

Again, it comes as an icon font and SVGs.

Download Icon font

Stroke Icons

Stroke icons is a set of 80 pixel-perfect stroke icons, provided in PSD, AI and Webfont formats.

Download Icon font

77 Essential Icons

77 Essential Icons are free to download and use for both personal and commercial use.

Included files will surely suit all your needs: AI, EPS, PNG, PSD, PDF, SVG and icon font. Made by Bryn Taylor.

Download Icon font

Elegant Iconfont

These icons have crisp, beautiful graphics on any display (including Retina displays).

Icons are dual licensed under the GPL 2.0 and MIT and are completely free to use

Download Icon font

Drip Icons

A beautiful  and completely free vector line-icon font by Amit Jakhu.

Download Icon font

Metrize Icons

Metrize is a free Collection of 300 Metro-Style Icons for designers and developers by Alessio Atzeni.

Download Icon font


Ionicons are an icon font for Ionic Framework, CDN hosted stylesheet to speed up loading is available too.

Download Icon font


Batch is a very nicely designed set of 343 icons for web and user interface designers.

Download Icon font


Feather is a collection of 130 beautifully simple icons made by Cole Bemis.

Download Icon font

Icomoon Icons

IcoMoon's Free icon pack is an icon package that the moment comes with a great number of 490 vector icons.

Download Icon font

Github Octicons

Download Icon font

MFG Labs Icon set

A nice collection of 200+ icons, ready to be downloaded and used in your next project.

Download Icon font

Font Awesome

Iconic font and CSS toolkit, made by Dave Gandy.

This constantly updated icon font classic contains at the moment incredible 634 icons.

Most complex option out there, one of the other advantages is their own CDN.

Download Icon font

Foundation Icon Font 3

A custom collection of 283 icons by Zurb, creators of Foundation framework.

Download Icon font


Dashicons is the official icon font of the WordPress admin as of 3.8.

Download Icon font

Icon Works

Beautiful icons in the icon set made by Tiago.

Download Icon font


Sosa is an icon font including 160+ icons by Ed Merrit.

Download Icon font

One Div

One div is not an icon font, but an experimental set of icons made by pure CSS only. Created by Vincent Durand.

Download Icon font

PW Drawn Icon Font

Very nice hand drawn icon font by Peax Webdesign.

The disadvantage is that it comes only in .ttf and no stylesheet is included, so you have to do some additional work yourself.

Download Icon font

Jolly Icons

Jolly Icons Free Font includes 36 great hand-drawn icons in icon font format. Created by Hatchers Creative

Download Icon font

80 Mini Icons

80 pixel-perfect mini icons in both PSD and Icon Font format. 

Download Icon font


Typicons is a collection of 336 all-purpose vector icons, embedded in a web font for easy use in your user interfaces, whether it be on the web or in a native application. Made by Stephen Hutchings.

Download Icon font

Outline icons

Really cool collection of 112 original icons made by Taras Shypka.

Download Icon font

Helium Icon Font

Helium icon font is another great freebie by Ukrainian designer Taras Shypka. 

Download Icon font

Icons V.3

Neat collection of 24 playful icons by Berlin-based Huseyin Yilmaz. Icons come as AI, SVGs and icon font.

Download Icon font

Material Icons

Material design system icons are simple, modern, friendly, and sometimes quirky.

Each icon is created using our design guidelines to depict in simple and minimal forms the universal concepts used commonly throughout a Google's UI. Come as icon font, SVGs, PNGs and more.

Really complex icon set containing hundreds of icons, handy for many use-cases.

Download Icon font

Open Iconic

An open source icon set with 223 marks in SVG, web font and raster formats.

Download Icon font


The set contains 48 fully scalable vector icons with outline style

Download Icon font


Special icon fonts


Devicons is an iconic font made for developers, code Jedis, ninjas, HTTPsters, evangelists and nerds.

Download Icon font

OpenWeb Icons

The OpenWeb Icons is a web-font that gives you scalable 200+ vector icons/logos of some open communities, standards or projects.

It includes the Creative Commons-, HTML5- and Microformats-icons for example.

Download Icon font

Fontellico icons

Fontellico Icons were started by the fontello project to collaborate different small sets, missed in other iconic fonts. Now containing 34 icons.

Download Icon font


Stackicons is an icon font designed to do more — with multiple button shapes and a unique “multi-color” option. The Stackicons-Social font and Sass-based construction kit are free and open source, created by Parker Bennett.

Download Icon font


Classy set of 40+ weather vector icons, also available as icon font. Made by Alessio Atzeni.

Download Icon font

Weather Icons

Weather Icons is an icon font 222 weather themed icons, ready to be dropped right into Bootstrap, or any project that needs high-quality weather, maritime, and meteorological based icons. Made by Erik Flowers.

Download Icon font

Map Icons

Map Icons is an icon font for use on your web page or with Google Maps API and Google Places API using SVG markers and icon labels. Created by Scott de Jonge.

Download Icon font

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