Best Free Bootstrap Landing Pages

If you want to promote your brand, improve your SEO, and drive more traffic then you should consider having a landing page. But of course, you don’t simply pick or use any landing page you see on the web. 

After doing extensive research, we managed to find excellent Bootstrap landing page templates that have a myriad of impressive features such as easy customization, elegant color schemes, image sliders, cool fonts, and many more.

The following Bootstrap Landing Page templates you’ll see are applicable to various industries. These include corporate business, photography, blogging, technology, healthcare, portfolio, agencies, etc. 

Well, without further ado, let’s get into the Best Free Bootstrap Landing Page Templates. And we hope you can find one that will suit your needs.

Best Free Bootstrap Landing Page Templates

So, what is Bootstrap? Essentially, Bootstrap is one of the most prominent frameworks when it comes to developing websites. 

Bootstrap is a free, open-source toolkit mainly use for developing sites with Javascript, CSS, and HTML. Additionally, this framework gives base styling for most HTML elements out there. It features an impressive grid system as well as a nice collection of ready-made templates that can aid you to effortlessly get started with your ideas. And ultimately turn them into reality.

It is also worth mentioning that most websites and web applications are actually constructed using Bootstrap all due to its myriad of features and functionalities. One more reason for its prominence is that there are a number of available website templates created using it. 

Now, keep in mind that not all of the free Bootstrap templates are of good quality. And that’s why you’ll see us sharing you the best Bootstrap Landing Page Templates below.

Let’s get into the first template.


Under Construction Template

Download theme Demo

If your website is under maintenance, then the Under Construction Template can aid you to retain your customers. Using this kind of template can also get you extra leads before even getting your website live. Also, this Bootstrap landing page template comes with a clean and simple design.

Using this template will allow you to upload it as your temporary landing page for your website in just less than five minutes. This template is completely responsive and based on Bootstrap 4. Lastly, it features easy customization.

  • SEO friendly markup

  • Well-structured code

  • Fully responsive

  • Valid HTML5, CSS3 markup

  • One wonderful coming soon template

Startup Landing Page

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From the name itself, you’ll see that this free Bootstrap landing page template is perfect for startups with products such as apps, SAAS, etc. But it’s just not limited to that, because everyone can actually utilize this cool template. 

Aside from being completely responsive, this Startup Bootstrap Landing Page template is based on Bootstrap 3.3.6. This makes it suitable for tablets, mobile, laptop, and desktop computers. Similar to the template we mentioned before this one, it is also easy to customize. Moreover, it features six color versions, which include sea blue, green, violet, red, pink, and blue. Just pick the color you prefer and modify the linked stylesheet in your HTML code.  

  • Fully responsive template

  • Fixed Navigation Bar with Scroll Spy

  • Valid HTML5 and CSS3 markup

  • Cross-browser compatibility

  • 6 color variants

Appton - Landing Page

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Appton is a responsive HTML5/CSS3 template and is based on Bootstrap 4. This template is easy to navigate and use. It is also compatible with various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.  It features a clean and simple design that can provide your company with a professional look. With Appton’s smooth transition effects, your website’s overall design will surely improve.

Appton is perfect for anyone who’s seeking an app landing page or template. It is a stable template that doesn’t require you to learn some coding or some designing knowledge, which makes it perfect for newbies. Furthermore, it is SEO-friendly, which aids your websites to rank higher and ultimately drive more traffic to your site. It also comes with a contact form integrated with Google Maps, testimonials slider, pricing tables, and great animations. Overall, it is perfect for blogs, agencies, and marketing companies out there!

  • Includes six color variants

  • Great SVG illustrations

  • Sectioned homepage with a subscribe form

  • Features contact page and FAQs page


Download theme Demo

Landy is a free Bootstrap landing page template that is based on Bootstrap 4. It is completely responsive and can help different kinds of marketing display in different ways. It has a clean, simple, and modern look that can provide your company with a professional ambiance.  

With Landy’s smooth transition effects and cool image hover effect, your website’s beauty will improve significantly. Using Landy will allow you to easily organize your files and customize your website. Since this template is fully responsive, you’ll be able to easily customize it. It features 2 HTML page templates, and they come in six color variants. Lastly, Landy is suitable for all devices such as big-screen monitors, desktops, laptops, and mobiles.

  • Clean and unique design

  • Easy color management

  • Full browsers compatibility

  • HTML5 and CSS3 validated

  • Google fonts support

Coming Soon Template

Download theme Demo

Usually, coming soon templates keep your online presence good while hyping your currently-under construction website. Make sure that your audience won’t forget your existence. You should let them know when you will go live again; otherwise, you might miss some followers or possible leads. With its beautiful design, you’ll be able to get the excitement going.

This coming soon template is made using the Bootstrap 4 framework. It has a beautiful and clean design. With this template, you can feature a page with a fullscreen image background, or if you want, you can go with a fullscreen video. Both are good options and will only be based on your preference. Keep in mind that if you’re already driving a good amount of traffic to your site, you don’t want to waste those prospective leads. Try this Bootstrap template now!

  • Fully responsive

  • Based on Bootstrap 4

  • Elegant and clean design

  • Features full-screen image video

Landing Page Countdown Template

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This landing page countdown Bootstrap template features a minimal yet modern design. With its features, you’ll be able to create a perfect under construction landing page that greatly reflects your brand. With its vertical split-screen design, you’ll be able to showcase your content even better. On the top section, you can include a coming soon message for your audience and unique visitors. And of course, you can link your social media accounts to keep your audience updated. 

As for your new visitors, there’s a Mailchimp Integrated subscription form below for them to fill up. On a side note, this landing page countdown template can collect leads for you before your site goes live. Try this template as it comes with an easily configurable countdown part. 

  • Minimal and modern design

  • Easy customization

  • MailChimp Integrated

  • Based on Bootstrap 4

Landing Page Theme

Download theme Demo

For creative individuals out there, this stunning Landing Page theme is perfect for showcasing your talent to your existing audience and unique visitors. This particular template will help you to display a high-quality landing page and expand your reach. Since it is fully responsive, has a good coding structure, and excellent animated sections, you’ll have amazing results.

This free landing page Bootstrap theme will make your brand more personalize and enhance it significantly. The template all begins with a full-screen banner, a text, and a call-to-action button. With its full-screen banner, surely your audience will get hooked right away. Some more features of this template come in the form of About Us section, Testimonials, Contact form, and more.

  • Fully responsive

  • Good coding structure

  • Based on Bootstrap 3

  • Excellent animated sections

Black and White

Download theme Demo

This free Black and White Bootstrap template features a minimalistic design. Additionally, it has clean typography and great images. This template is fully responsive and works great on most devices. With its classy design, you’ll be able to stand out better from your competitors.

Moreover, this free Black and White template has a well-structured code, making it SEO-friendly.  Aside from its minimalistic design, it is also easy to use. This is perfect for agencies, offices, apps, startups, businesses, corporations, and even general use. Overall, if you’re looking to create a classy landing page or a captivating portfolio, then you should definitely try this out.

  • Features sticky navigation bar

  • Full-screen intro image

  • Custom style Google Map

  • Features a contact form

ShowTracker - Landing Page

Download theme Demo

ShowTracker is a free Bootstrap Landing Page template based on Bootstrap 4 framework. But aside from that, this Bootstrap 4 landing page template can help you display your newly-designed app and introduce it to your audience. With its stunning display, you’ll be able to get more leads.  

Also, the ShowTracker Landing Page template comes with three demo pages. The first one is called ‘Homepage’. This demo page has various sections, such as signup form, testimonials, etc. The second one is called ‘What’s On’, and it is a demo page with a list view and tabs. And lastly, it features a ‘Text Page’ that mainly displays text elements. Overall, this one is perfect for those who love TV shows and quite creative.

  • Based on Bootstrap 4 Framework

  • Suitable for collecting new leads

  • Features three demo pages

  • SEO-friendly

App Landing Page theme

Download theme Demo

Are you in need of a website to display your newly-built mobile app? This free Bootstrap App Landing Page template can aid you set up a professional-looking website within a few hours. Furthermore, this template is integrated with iPhone X mockup, 70+ beautiful line, six primary color variants, and a Bootstrap sidebar with stunning UI.

This is where our App Landing Page theme comes in. It is based on Bootstrap 4 and incorporated with simple and valid JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. You can use our template for desktop applications, web, and mobile, and thereby increasing your conversion rates. Our App Landing Page template has a simple layout, and it is easy to use and customize. Promote that app today, and increase your conversion with this theme!

  • Bootstrap sidebar with great UI

  • Features six primary color variants

  • 70+ beautiful line icons

  • Integrated iPhone X mockup

  • SEO-friendly

Screen - One-Page Scroll Theme

Download theme Demo

As the name implies, One-Page Scroll Templates provide all the target content summed up in one cool, scrolling page. One main advantage of this kind of template is that they seem to have the unlimited capability of promoting your brand. Using Screen - One-Page Scroll template, you’ll be able to showcase your website’s most informative and captivating section.

Furthermore, most one-page websites out there normally provide simpler visual appeal. This easily helps deliver the message you want to your audience. Also, this One-Page is completely responsive and will work on various devices you have. Additionally, it is built based on Bootstrap 4. 

  • Fully responsive

  • Clean and concise design

  • Suitable for portfolios

  • Based on Bootstrap 4


Download theme Demo

If you’re a startup company, a web designer, or a photographer that is looking to communicate visually through story-telling on a Bootstrap landing page, then Laura is one of your best choices. This Bootstrap template is mobile-friendly, easy to customize, and ideal for newbies. Many website owners like this theme’s smooth navigation, as well as its color choices.

This theme is a fully responsive and clean landing page template built on Bootstrap 3 framework. It has a well-structured code and a modern layout. Laura is a free template that also features footer options and accurate HTML code with comments. Overall, it is a free one-page Bootstrap template that is rich in functionalities and colors.

  • Sleek and minimal design

  • Easy customization

  • Precise HTML code with comments

  • Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3

  • Features footer options


Download theme Demo

If you have a crowdfunding campaign, an upcoming product you want to promote, etc. then Maundy is the ideal Bootstrap Landing Page template for your needs. It will help you collect registrations, email addresses, leads, and so on. This template has an elegant, simple, and clear dean design. Moreover, it comes with a stunning countdown feature so you can promote an upcoming product, services, or events to your audience.

Maundy is based on the most recent Bootstrap framework, CSS3, and HTML5. It supports any device and multiple-browsers. It boasts features that have minimal design. Additionally, it features a working contact form, Lightbox gallery, and CSS3 animations. It also has an about section so you can introduce your mission, vision, team members, etc. 

  • Supports multi-browser

  • Lightbox gallery

  • Working Contact Form

  • CSS3 Animations

  • Creative and simple design


Download theme Demo

If your job is related to development, photography, creation, then Bethany is probably perfect for you. This free Bootstrap landing page has a minimalist and modern design. It is also easy to use. Moreover, it is fully responsive and includes templates in order to make custom navigation, buttons, and forms.

Furthermore, Bethany is coded using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap framework, and is based on jQuery technology. It is compatible with different browsers and can certainly save you time and effort because it is well-coded.

  • Well-designed and clean coding

  • CSS Animation

  • Easy to customize

  • Free Google Web Fonts

  • Integrated with the latest Bootstrap framework


Download theme Demo

If you’re a freelancer who wants to create his own landing page using a free Bootstrap landing page template, then Instant is probably the most suitable for you. Aside from being elegant and simple, this template features three pages that enable you to effortlessly craft a portfolio page, a contact page, a homepage, etc. to showcase what you’ve got.

Instant is easy to use and modify. It enables freelancers to create a website to display displaying their past and current activities.  It is perfect for people who want to showcase portfolio items in a convenient way. It also includes a drag & drop homepage builder.

  • Responsive design

  • Font Awesome 4

  • Features theme options panel

  • Offers Bootstrap goodies

Stylish Portfolio

Download theme Demo

If you want to showcase your creations in a stylish manner, then a Stylish Portfolio is your perfect bet. This free Bootstrap landing page is an ultra-modern template that is designed for freelancers and agencies out there. It has a clear and smooth landing page design. It is perfect for design, photography, web, and more.

Stylish Portfolio is fully responsive incorporated with a scroll enhanced by jQuery. Also, the footer of this template features the Google Maps module, which is good for displaying your location to your audience. And lastly, this theme is a one-page Bootstrap landing page template with off-canvas navigation. It also features smooth scrolling through your content.

  • Footer comes with social icons

  • Portfolio image grid

  • Smooth page scrolling using jQuery

  • Updated design featuring two custom button styles

New Age

Download theme Demo

If you’re a mobile app creator, then New Age is what you want to get as your free Bootstrap Landing Page template. It is particularly made to showcase your apps’ features. Browsing through this template is intuitive and smooth. Not to mention that it is completely mobile-friendly. Moreover, New Age features a ready-made ‘Play Store’ and ‘App Store’ buttons and some call-to-action buttons to increase your apps’ download and conversion rate.

New Age has a modern and sleek design. Users can easily modify it to suit their apps’ colors, and they can add their apps’ features and logos effortlessly. It features various content sections, colorful and bold designs. Also, it features easy to use CSS/HTML5 Device mockups, drag & and drop content. And you don’t need any designing skills just to customize your website with this template. 

  • Stylish, colorful, and bold design

  • CSS gradient with texture overlay in the header

  • Has custom button style

  • Features SASS/SCSS files included for better customization options

Clean Blog

Download theme Demo

If you want to start a blog, then Clean Blog big is a good option since it is fully responsive and has easily customizable elements. Additionally, it is a free Bootstrap Landing Page template based on Bootstrap 4 framework. You could say that Clean Blog is the ideal asset for bloggers out there who are looking for a highly customizable and reliable base to start blogging.

Clean Blog features a footer with social networks. Aside from that, it comes with a contact form in PHP that is integrated with a sending confirmation utility. It also features a sample post, an about page, and a blog index. In conclusion, Clean Blog is a modern design template perfect even for complete beginners.

  • Footer integrated with social links and copyright information

  • Modern design and easy customization

  • Distraction-free blog text

  • Convenient PHP contact form with validation

  • Features SASS/SCSS files for better customization options


Download theme Demo

Even though Tempo is a simple free Bootstrap Landing Page template, it is effective for increasing your online presence. Aside from being easy to customize, Tempo also features easy-to-change color schemes. It is an ideal landing page template to showcase your services, products, and solutions to make new leads and increase your conversion rate.

Tempo is fully responsive as it can easily adapt to both mobile and tablet devices. It looks great in different resolutions as well.  It also features advanced image sliders. In addition, Tempo boasts great features which include easy customization, elegant color schemes, Google Fonts, and a whole lot more. 

  • Unlimited color combination

  • Modern and creative design

  • Cross-browser compatibility

  • Latest Bootstrap Framework

  • Fully responsive and easy customization


Download theme Demo

As a Bootstrap-based Landing Page template, Regna has great customization. Also, due to this template’s easy to use one-page design, it is perfect for businesses and agencies. Many users like its ready-made menu that can be modified effortlessly based on your business model.

Regna’s overall presentation is direct to the point and concise. These factors are great for brands and companies that want an easy-to-access website. And lastly, due to Regna’s great responsiveness, your audience will be able to browse smoothly.

  • Great Customization

  • Suitable for businesses and agencies

  • Ready-made menu

  • Fully responsive


You should be aware that the landing page of your website will be the first thing visitors will see on your website. You should know that first impression usually becomes the last impression. This is the reason why having a good and captivating landing page is crucial if you want to expand your brand.

When selecting for the best Landing Page template, you should always keep in mind your needs and budget. And also, make sure you choose a Landing Page that is based on Bootstrap Framework. Why? Well, it’s because Bootstrap provides a myriad of advantages such as well-coded structure and great customization. You’ll see for yourself after picking one of the landing pages we discussed above.


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